Area Rug Cleaning – Commercial

Our experts know that natural fibers such as wool and cotton require different care then nylon or poly blends. You can trust our experts to treat your area rug with the attention and detail it deserves. Please see our list of rug cleaning services for more information.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning for Commercial Offices, Restaurants, Retail Stores and Businesses

Area rugs, such as, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs or even Synthetic rugs can really be a beautiful compliment to a businesses’ décor. However, when area rugs are not properly maintained, on a regular basis, they can quickly turn into an eye sore. Considering the investment made in a Oriental rug or a Persian rug can be significant, it makes sense to protect those pieces by having them professionally cleaned using the appropriate cleaning techniques and equipment.

Area Rug Cleaning Process

Whether you have a handmade Indian rug or shag area rug, we have the expert knowledge and equipment to clean it thoroughly. Our technicians will examine your rug to determine the best cleaning process to use, based on fiber type, age, condition and soiled debris on the rug. A pre-treatment spray is then applied to the stained areas, followed by the appropriate washing process based on your rug type. Debris, bacteria and other allergens will then be broken up by our cleaning process and then quickly suctioned up into our truck-mounted system. Carpet Savers will give each rug the special care that it needs, we guarantee that your rug will be soft, fresh smelling and without stains when we complete our cleaning.

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100% Service Guarantee

When you call Carpet Savers, you’re getting an experienced company with expert knowledge in cleaning chemicals, carpet fibers and the cleaning processes all utilized to get the job done right. We offer a 100% service guarantee on each and every service we provide.

Green Rug Cleaning

Carpet Savers values your health, as well as your valuables, that is why we use non-toxic, bio degradable and organic cleaning materials only. Call us for all of your carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs and you’ll see why our customers are always satisfied customers.